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Deep floor cleaning involves the scrubbing, washing and re-finishing of all suitable wooden floors and decking in your home or business premises. We are a family run business; a husband and wife team based in Norwich, but happy to travel around Norfolk and Suffolk.


Deep clean and re-finished wooden floors in your home or business without the need for sanding.

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I can’t recommend Daryn and his colleague enough! They did a fantastic job sanding our floors. More than that, they were just very easy to have around, super polite and really professional. Daryn was very good working around us and our toddler and made the whole experience stress free. There was virtually no dust around after the sanding which was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for making our sitting room and hallway so much nicer! We love our restored floors!


Daryn refreshed 36m2 of freshly laid reclaimed oak parquet flooring for us during house renovations. The blocks were very solid but showed many years of traffic, bitumen and old varnish from their previous home in a church. Daryn patiently sanded back the surface layers to an even level, getting an incredible finish with water based lacquer. An incredibly professional, courteous and prompt service. I would not hesitate to recommend DMS to anyone seeking to revive wooden flooring. The pictures show before and after photos of some of the work

Matt Bird- Norwich

The guys were amazing, I cannot fault them. They had a really tricky and unpredictable floor to work with and managed it amazingly! Never late, really tidy and respectful and just got on with it without any fuss, lovely guys that I can’t recommend enough!

Sophie Pulford - Norwich


Using a specially formulated deep cleaning solution, it reaches deep down into the surface and removes even the toughest dirt, grime and surface scuff marks. The powerful yet gentle scrubbing brushes clean deep into the wood, which can be seen by the colour of the water! We only use fresh, clean water, along with the cleaning solution to scrub the floors, and this is refilled regularly so dirty water is never re-used.
First we vacuum, followed by a dust sweep, and then we go over the floor twice with the power scrubbing machine. The edges and corners are finished with a hand scrub to ensure every inch of the floor has been treated. Re-coating with oil will give it protection and durability.


If your floor is damaged in any way, or the protective surface has worn away in patches, then you would need to have the floor sanded instead. Sanding would offer a full re-surfacing and finishing of your floor, where as our new Power Scrubbing machine deep cleans and maintains a floor that is in a suitably good condition, to an excellent standard with a fresh new appearance, and new layer of protection.
Re-oiling or lacquering afterwards ensures the floor is protected for future use, especially if this is an area with a lot of footfall.

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The suitability of your floor needs to come under the following conditions for it to be deep cleaned:

Looking dull, tired and lacklustre

Dirty or sticky

Light scuff marks

No visible signs of wear, damage or blackening of the wood

Portfolio of hard floor sanding


Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my floor is suitable for deep cleaning?

The suitability of your floor needs to come under the following conditions for it to be deep cleaned:

  • Looking dull, tired and lacklustre
  • Dirty or sticky
  • Light scuff marks
  • No visible signs of wear, damage or blackening of the wood

How do I prepare for your visit?

Please ensure all furniture has been removed from the room(s), as we need a bare floor to perform the deep cleaning. We will also need access to a water source, and will need a drain or external RE to discard the used water.

When can I walk on the floor?

After your floor has been deep cleaned and oiled, please leave it for 2 hours before walking on it. When moving furniture back in, NEVER drag items, always lift and place into position, using soft floor protectors where possible.


We use the Bona brand, and other professional, quality products to re-finish your floor after cleaning it; and for future maintenance, we recommend having it re-finished every 12-24 months to prevent the protective surface from wearing away. By leaving your floor for years and years without maintenance, it could damage the layers of the wood, and even a full sand may not help.

Portfolio from the blog:

Cromer floor sanding project

Cromer floor sanding project

Project Victorian room. Where Cromer, Norfolk. Brief Restore floor, and stain with a natural finish. Method and results Very old and stained pine floorboards, fully sanded and coated in natural hard wax oil. Before photos After

Working during Covid-19: Norfolk Church Hall Floor

Working during Covid-19: Norfolk Church Hall Floor

Covid-19 It is a difficult time for everyone during this pandemic as I work alone I feel I can remain open and still take on new jobs safely. At the moment I am working alone and ask that the properties I work in are unoccupied. I am following all current PPE...

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