A quick blog this month on stairs and handrails.

First off was a very old and warn mahogany had rail, that we cleaned, sanded back to bare wood, filled any heavy chips and gouges then hand polished the old traditional way with shellac polish and a rubber (wadding surrounded with a cotton rag)
This was done over two mornings, slowly building up layer upon layer ending up with a full lustre highlighting the grain and natural warm colour.

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Next up was again an old painted staircase, now this took some work.
First thing was to pull all the carpet tacks and nails out before scraping the terribly sticky carpet glue that had been used everywhere too… then eventually onto the job of sanding using my trusty Festool RO 150 and 90, going through the grades to get all the old paint and crap off before finishing this particular staircase in a natural Matt oil.

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Then we had a quick hard surface repair job on the corner of a kitchen table that had been chipped, which we filled and coloured preventing further damage from occurring.

Small bedroom floor sanded and lacquered in Beccles, Suffolkfloor sanding in Norwich

sanded floor

varnish wooden floor Norwich

Next month will see some site visits to hotels doing some hard surface repairs in the guest rooms and possibly 40 bathrooms cleaning water marks off the marble then re-sealing.