-Cruise ship refurbishment-

China, South Korea & Japan cruise ship refurbishment.

So this month I’ve had two weeks working on a cruise ship mostly doing hard surface repairs and polishing, working at night once all the passengers have retired to their cabins… this shift pattern also gives us the advantage of getting ashore at stops once we’ve had a couple of hours sleep early morning.

cruise ship Refurbishment

Before and after restoring a table.

Before and after skirting board repair on the cruise ship.

Before and after skirting board repairs

Before and after more skirting board repairs on the cruise ship.

We boarded the ship in Shanghai, were my jet lag sucked and I spent the day asleep not sightseeing apart from visiting the hotel bar on something like the 34th floor.

restoration in Shanghai

View from my hotel bar in Shanghai

We made 3 stops in China and only had a brief walk around locally, as the ports were bloody miles from anywhere and obviously working prevented us from going full day excursion.

cruise leaving shanghai

Misty night leaving Shanghai

On the way down to Japan the sea was unnervingly still.

calm sea

The very still South China Sea

But at least this made the night work repairing scratched and chipped skirting a lot easier, as doing this job on your knees head down in rough seas just ain’t happening, well not without being sick every ten minutes.

Back to Japan and our stop was Nagasaki, we used the trams to get about the city (which are cheap and great) then headed for the Peace Gardens and the Atomic Bomb Museum.
Would recommend anyone going to visit these places, shocking to see all the destruction caused in the museum and a reminder to all.

Nagasaki peace garden in Japan

Nagasaki peace garden, Japan.

Nagasaki from the ship

Nagasaki from the ship

Back on board and heading to South Korea’s Jeju island, unfortunately I massively overslept and only had a couple of hours on this beautiful volcanic island, so had a quick walk around an old temple but missed the more stunning waterfalls… next time though!!

Gwandeokjeong temple in Jeju South Korea

Gwandeokjeong temple in Jeju South Korea built in 1448

Gwandeokjeong temple in Jeju South Korea built in 1448

Gwandeokjeong temple in Jeju South Korea built in 1448

That night shift went well for us, touching in damage to restaurant chairs and bar stools in what was again another calm night with the sea.
Then it was time to sail to Japan again and catch our flight home, first to Hong Kong then straight to Heathrow and train back to Norwich, luckily I only had a couple of days of floor sanding and hard surface repair quotes around Norfolk and Norwich to do and nothing too strenuous after a ridiculous amount of travelling and only one small kitchen worktop repair in Norwich to squeeze in.

Kitchen repair Norwich

Kitchen repair in Norwich.

Next month I should’ve been joining a ship for work sailing from Dover to the fjords, but have cancelled this, so next months blog we are mostly about floor sanding in Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk