Repairing Kitchen Worktop in Norfolk


Can you repair kitchen worktops?

Yes, this month we have been repairing a beech kitchen worktop in a lovely Norfolk home. Over the years it’s been damaged with water leaving stains behind and general wear and tear. We do a lot of these around the Norfolk area. It’s a great alternative to replacing the whole kitchen worktops. It’s cheaper,  better for the environment and less hassle/ mess for the customer.

So part of this months work has been refreshing this beech kitchen worktop in Norfolk and the other part of the month has been travelling to London to restore two 15ft mahogany boardroom tables.

First off with the kitchen worktops and window sills was to sand them all the old warn tops down.

kitchen worktop repair

Using the Festool RO150 and extraction making it almost dust-free, we started off with p60 grit then p80 before finishing on a mesh screen of p120.

during kitchen worktop repair sanded kitchen worktop repair sanded kitchen worktop

Then we finished with two coats of Osmo oil which we applied with a white scouring pad, this helps work the oil and de nipping at the same time.

Finished worktops

kitchen worktop repair kitchen worktop repair kitchen worktop repair beech worktop repair

Before and after kitchen worktop repair.

Next, the Mahogany boardroom tables.

The two mahogany boardroom tables were in a rather bad condition, full of surface and deep scratches as well as the odd chip.

Pic of tables before

boardroom table repair french polishing Norfolk boardroom table repaired damaged boardroom table scratched boardroom table

For these, we filled the chips first then touched in the edges and scratches before getting our trusty Dewalt DWP polisher and some 3m cutting compound moving through 3 different grades from coarse to extra fine.
Which we managed to burnish out a good 85% of the scratches, making this a much cheaper and quicker option than stripping and respraying the tables.

Pic of the finished tables

after pic of french polishing restored boardroom table

If you have a kitchen worktop that looks similar that needs a surface repair, then fill in the contact form below for a quote to repair your worktop. We are Norfolk based, but happy to travel.